Are you suffering from poor mobile coverage in your building?​

Boosh 365 are a certified provider and installer of Ofcom compliant signal solutions

We take buildings where the coverage isn’t good enough and provide reliable, consistent mobile phone signal. No matter the size of the building, no matter where it is, you’ll stay connected to the rest of the world with a Boosh signal solution.

Mobile signal you can trust

When you work with Boosh 365, you get a solution that gives you peace of mind and saves you time. Every time you enter your building you’ll know that you’re going to have great signal. You won’t feel that familiar dread of losing touch with the outside world any longer. And you can say goodbye for good to wandering around to find a patch of signal.
Cel-Fi Certified Professional
Cel-Fi Certified

Using cutting edge technology and Cel-Fi products that comply with Ofcom licensing laws, Boosh 365 can provide complete coverage for your building. And it’ll cost less than you think.

We provide mobile signal for a wide range of commercial and residential properties ...

  • Hotels

    Our team have excellent experience working on hotel projects of all sizes, we’ve worked with some of the biggest hotel brands in the world.

  • Airports

    Modern airport lounges often suffer with poor mobile signal causing frustration for passengers and staff working in these areas.

  • Offices

    Our most popular installations are in offices, it’s becoming increasingly important for staff to be connected at all times and a lack of mobile signal can be very frustrating for office workers.

  • New Builds

    Modern building materials, excellent insulation and even the reflective film on glass can deflect mobile signal away from buildings.

  • Restaurants

    Consumers will not return to restaurants if they receive bad service, this can include the lack of good mobile coverage.

  • Hospitals

    There are life or death reasons to ensure there is good mobile coverage throughout hospitals, especially in the critical areas like Intensive Care & A&E.

  • Government Buildings

    More and more government organisations are moving away from traditional fixed telephone systems and are reliant on their mobile phones and therefore they need good signal.

  • And Lots More ...

    We love a challenge, if you work in an industry that we haven’t listed above and have poor mobile coverage, why not challenge us to fix the problem and add your industry to our growing list.

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