5G Is On Its Way!

A South Korean telecoms company has announced that it will launch a trial 5G service in 2017.

What an incredible milestone!

We over at Boosh 365 can’t wait to see how this project will go, with multiple companies and agencies working on new types of 5G interfaces and waveforms, hopefully things will go according to plan!

Fingers crossed that this will speed up the release of 5G services to the rest of the world too…

If you wanted to read into all of the nitty-gritty, technical details, here’s an article that goes into depth.

Watch this space to see what the future holds!

Sara Rose

Sara Rose

Sara is a long-standing member of the Boosh 365 Senior Team and is widely considered the beating heart of the business. As Operations Manager Sara is responsible for making sure every process is followed and every idea is implemented (the good ones, at least!)
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