One Contact, One Supplier, One Bill

I’m not going to try and persuade you that having one bill for all of your services is better, because you should already know that it is. It saves you a lot of time, organisation and confusion when everything you need is dealt with by one supplier. And who doesn’t want to cut corners and live a stress free life?

Imagine yourself to be that unlucky person, not completely struck by lightning unlucky, but unlucky enough that all of your systems go down at once. Let’s say your VOIP and Broadband go down and you need to urgently sort this out but you have two long phone calls to sit through with two different companies to fix both of these problems. You need to go through the same procedures twice! Being on hold, explaining the problem, waiting for the problem to be fixed. Imagine, in an ideal world where both of your problems are dealt with by just one contact. That’s less call time and less stress.

I’m guessing that for each supplier you have an account manager, right? If you were to only have one, imagine the relationship you could build with this person. Gone would be the days where your account manager doesn’t particularly care for your needs because at the end of the day you’re just one of the hundreds of people they deal with. This time you’ve been able to build a relationship with this person as they deal with all of your issues. They will want to do well for you, and act on your problems urgently for you.

Having different bills with different companies can’t be a walk in the park. Going through the process of reviewing them and sorting payment issues must be so long winded when it’s not all on one piece of paper. And what makes it longer is when you actually have issues and enquiries about your billing, you need to remember all the figures, facts and which company you’re actually talking to! How do you do it?!

You’d be silly to put yourself through all of that stress, which let’s be honest, just isn’t necessary. I would really recommend that you review all your telecom needs and find a company who can deal with it all for you.

Sara Rose

Sara Rose

Sara is a long-standing member of the Boosh 365 Senior Team and is widely considered the beating heart of the business. As Operations Manager Sara is responsible for making sure every process is followed and every idea is implemented (the good ones, at least!)
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