What a week!

We’re all celebrating here at Boosh 365 this week. “Why’s that Summer?” I hear you ask!

It’s National Apprenticeship week and we admittidly love the National Apprenticeship program. In fact, 6 of our staff including The Mighty Boosh himself have been part of the program over the years.

I’m currently in the middle of my apprenticeship too, having started at Boosh in October I’ve gained some excellent experience in how businesses work and also about how to create and deliver excellent marketing.

Mark (The Mighty Boosh) started his working life back in (1998) as a Business Administration apprenticeship when he was 17 before starting his career in telecoms, look at him now…. He’s now powering the business forward and benefiting from the National Apprenticeship scheme nearly 20 years later.

Mark Rose apprentice quote

Our recently promoted Office Manager at Boosh, Mazza (Mary Gallagher) is another fine example of how well the scheme works, she started with Boosh in January 2014 having just left college. 2 years later she is now our Office Manager and someone who I really look up too in the office.

Whenever you call into the office or meet any of us, be sure to ask us about the scheme. Jo Renwick, Gemma Bennett and Ryan Jacobs have also taken part in the scheme, they can fill you in if you are interested to know more about it.