Saving Money with Technology

Who doesn’t like saving a few pounds here and there? It makes sense to save money wherever we can, right?

One of the biggest expenses is electricity – the very stuff that powers the laptops, TVs and other gadgets we adore.

Lucky for you, I’ve been doing some research and have found some top tips I’m more than willing to share…

#1: Charge the bare minimum!

Laptops, PC’s, smartphones and tablets all have brightly lit screens.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like if they aren’t set to the brightest possible setting, I can’t see them.

When really, that’s not the case. It’s entirely psychological.

Reducing the brightness level by a couple of notches can prolong battery life and reduce your electrical consumption.

Just imagine how much energy you would be saving if everyone in your office made this simple change.

#2: Save your power

Computing devices use around 13 per cent of electricity.

With a windows laptop you can toggle between eco and performance modes which can then determine when the screen dims and powers off.

This closely follows on from TIP 1#. The longer you use your gadgets between charges, the less energy you use… Simple!

#3: Turn it off!

This is a rule we know and understand at Boosh but never really abide to. Although we really should.

Turning your devices off will save you the most amount of money on your energy bills.

Whilst its really convenient to leave your screens on standby overnight and keep your phone charger plugged in all the time, it uses a lot of energy doing nothing.

A single-button unit such as the Ansmann AES-1 Zero Watt Energy Saving Timer Plug (£8.95) switches off the power after a specified time period (15 mins – 8 hours). This is perfect for gadgets you might charge overnight.

Alternatively, you could try a smart plug such as the Hive Active Plug (£35.64) – you’ll need the Hive Hub (£75) as well though – which allows you to set times from the Hive app and even switch them on remotely.

Now, I don’t mean for you to start unplugging all your of phones and tearing out everything in the comms cabinet because that could lead to a very busy week here at Boosh HQ, but if you consciously consider these tips you should start to notice a big difference in your energy bills… result!

If you’ve enjoyed these tips and want to know more, hit reply and let me know. I’ve got some hiding up my sleeve and I’d be delighted to share them with you.

I’ve even found these tips also come in handy at home.

Sara Rose

Sara Rose

Sara is a long-standing member of the Boosh 365 Senior Team and is widely considered the beating heart of the business. As Operations Manager Sara is responsible for making sure every process is followed and every idea is implemented (the good ones, at least!)
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