What does the BT Openreach separation mean for you?

Last week it was announced that BT has bowed to demands by the telecoms regulator Ofcom to legally separate Openreach, which runs the UK’s Broadband infrastructure. This is great news for millions of UK Households, Businesses and Service Providers that rely on BT’s Infrastructure for their Phones and Broadband – Including Boosh 365, so hooray at last!

The telecoms giant has faced growing calls from rivals to separate Openreach, and in November the communications regulator ordered a legal divide of the firm.

What does this mean for you though?

You may have dealt directly with BT or had a BT Openreach engineer out to your office, house or both in the last couple of years. They generally turn up when you have a problem with your phone line or your broadband connection? Well these guys are now being split away from BT and will work from the new organisation Openreach Limited and the smaller independent telecoms providers will have equal access to these guys as BT! Finally a fair way to work for everyone, common sense prevails for once…..

For many years it has been deemed unfair that BT was privatised but the infrastructure management was still held under the BT umbrella, this gave BT direct customers an unfair advantage when booking in service calls or new line installations. So it’s great news for everyone that you now know BT, Sky, Vodafone or Boosh 365 will have the same access into the Openreach infrastructure!


Ofcom said that Openreach will become a district company with its own staff, management and strategy “to serve all of its customers equally” though still remaining part of the BT Group.

Sharon White, Ofcom Boss told BB Radio 4’s Today Programme that “we can now expect better service from Openreach” and it was a “significant day” for Phone and Broadband users and pledged to “carefully monitor” how the revamped Openreach performs.

Openreach currently controls the fibre connections, ducts and pipes behind the UK’s broadband infrastructure and sells access to BT’s rivals such as Sky, Talk Talk and Vodafone. These competitors have been using Openreach’s network to offer broadband to consumers and have long complained of high charges, poor service and failure to invest in the division.

Around 32,000 employees will transfer to the newly formed Openreach Limited following TUPE consultation and after pension arrangements are in place. Openreach will have its own branding that will not feature the BT logo.

To see more of an extensive article on this developing story, check out this BBC article.

Mark Rose

Mark Rose

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