Case Study: Why This Marketing Consultancy Took The Plunge And Went For A Leased Line… And What Happened When They Did

Back in July 2015, Marketing Consultancy Ideal Result moved into a beautiful converted barn in beautiful Meriden, a sleepy village in the West Midlands.

There was one problem though: their Internet situation was worse than dire.

Our general rule is this: if a business has 10 or more employees who will be using the internet connection on a regular basis, or they’re in an area with very poor broadband connection, then a “leased line” is right for them.

Ideal result fit into this bracket. They have more than 10 employees using the internet connection, they are in a particularly bad broadband area as they are so far away from the exchange and they rely heavily on the internet due to the nature of their business.

Not sure what a leased line is?  It’s simply a dedicated internet connection for a business. With most broadband, especially the cheaper offerings, businesses share their internet connection with A LOT of other users.  Not just other users within their company, but other clients of the internet provider too.

A leased line is different.  The line is fed directly into the business, usually over fibre, and the results are usually pretty astonishing.

In short, it is the only way to guarantee high speeds and a reliable connection.

A dedicated leased line does come with a price tag attached, but when you consider how reliant a business is on the broadband connection to function, and how much more they’ll be able to achieve with super-fast broadband, it’s an investment that usually makes sense for businesses with a few users.

The service level agreement on a leased line is much better than it would be on a standard broadband contract.

As a result, if broadband usage is business critical and businesses experience any problems, they’ll get their problem sorted extremely quickly.

Now… back to Ideal Result:

We caught up with them to find out why they went for a leased line, what they learnt from it, and the effect it’s had on their business:

What did your business have before you went for a leased line?

When we first moved into the office, we had a pretty standard broadband setup, but it really didn’t cut the mustard.  We rely heavily on internet because so much of what we do is online, so it’s vital that we have a decent speed for talking on Skype, uploading and downloading videos and using CRM-type software.

Why did you decide to change?

Quite simply, enough was enough!  We’ve got a pretty grumpy chap working in our office called Smithy (at last count he’d been ‘gifted’ seven ‘Grumpy’ mugs), and he couldn’t cope with the speed.

Did poor broadband affect your business?

Yes.  The broadband we had before made doing pretty much anything more than torturous.  It got to the point where we were having to go home to upload and download things, and when you end up having to go HOME to do work more effectively than you can in the office, you know you need to do something about it.

What made you consider a leased line?

All of the above!  We didn’t really know what a ‘leased line’ was, but we’ve worked with Boosh 365 for a long time and they’ve never been other than amazing so we trusted the fact that they knew what they were doing when they recommended it.

Did the cost put you off?

To be honest: yeah. It was a considerable investment – more than what you’d usually associate with broadband.

We weighed up how much more we’d be able to get done with fast Internet against the monthly cost, and realised that it was costing us money to have slow Internet.

It might be a significant investment each month, but when you know what the alternative is, it becomes really obvious that it’s a wise investment.

Have you noticed a difference since having a leased line?

Definitely.  Tasks that were taking hours now only take minutes, and our WiFi printer ACTUALLY works.  Also, Smithy’s a little bit less grumpy.

Seriously, it has changed our operation, reduced our stress and increased our output, so we can’t fault it.

Would you recommend a leased line to other businesses in a similar situation and why?

If you’re in a situation where the Internet is stopping you from running the business how you want to run it, then we’d definitely recommend investing in a leased line.  If you can get a return on investment, then there’s literally no reason not to do it.  For us, the monthly cost is far outweighed by what we’re able to get done with superfast broadband.

So, to lease or not to lease? That’s the question you need to ask yourself about your business. Want to find out more?
Give us a call on 01252 916888 and we can talk you through it, or send us an  email to [email protected] and we’ll send over some options.
Mark Rose

Mark Rose

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