How well do you know your iPhone?

Are you an iPhone user? Ever found certain things about your iPhone annoying? Well I did too so I went on the search for some hacks to improve my user experience.

Here are a few of my favourites:

No more waking up to your phone still playing music

Did you know that if you like to fall asleep to music you can actually set a timer for it to go off so that you don’t wake up 3 hours later with it still playing? Go to clock > timer > when timer ends > stop playing

Selfie anyone?

Hands free photo and all you need is a wine bottle, elastic band and headphones… Now this one is courtesy of Alison Hammond on This Morning… Simply attach your iPhone to a wine bottle with an elastic band, plug your headphones in, stand back, smile and use the volume down button to snap away. I will definitely be using this one!

269 + 364 nooooooo!!! I meant 269 + 365

This one is actually going to change my life… don’t you just hate it when you’re using the calculator on your phone and you accidently press the wrong number and have to start all over again? Well not anymore. All you have to do is swipe right or left on the number at the top and it deletes the last digit you put in. I know… You’re welcome!

Letters, numbers, symbols? Doesn’t matter!

Ever get frustrated when you’re typing and you have to keep changing the keyboard on your phone from letters to numbers or symbols and it completely messes your flow? Well not anymore. Simply hold your finger down on the 123 button and drag it across to the number or symbol you need and then let go. No screen switching necessary.

Select all? Nope! Select? Nope! argghh!

Last but not least the hidden iPhone mouse – ever want to go back and edit the text you’ve just tuped I mean typed in incorrectly but keep getting the wrong position or can’t see where you’re trying to press because your finger is in the way? Well I have the answer. Simply press firmly down on any key (you have to press quite hard) and wait for the keys to go blank and the phone to click then simply move your finger/ thumb around wherever you want to go. No more double tapping hoping you get between the right letters.

Hope you’ve found these useful … I’m going on the hunt for Samsung hacks next.

Gemma Bennett

Gemma Bennett

Gemma has risen through the ranks at record pace and currently heads up our Customer Support team, where she spends her days diligently helping the world communicate better ... one happy customer at a time!
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