Introducing iBoosh: Call Management Software From Boosh 365

The number one call analytics tool that helps businesses communicate better and understand how remote workers are really performing.

There are so many benefits to having more staff working from home these days that we barely even need to mention them, do we? Fewer overheads, less absenteeism and increased profits are just the tip of the iceberg.

For the last few years, remote working’s been on the rise anyway. Throw a pandemic into the mix and it’s most definitely something that all business owners have given more airtime to.

And now that many companies will potentially have another 30 people doing work placements thanks to the Government Kickstart scheme, there could be more remote working taking place than ever.

But for many businesses, working remotely presents some common problems:

How can you be sure that productivity is up?

How can you really keep track of what’s going on?

And how can you be certain exactly how many of your customers’ calls are being missed, returned or abandoned?

Well, if your customer service teams are spending more time working from home than from the office, and these are questions that you’ve been mulling over recently, then you’ve just stumbled across the answer.

It's called iBoosh.

And it does a heck of a lot for businesses who need better tracking through historic call reporting. Like this:

  • Identify your unreturned lost calls
  • Report on call traffic by whichever intervals you choose
  • Pinpoint potential revenue in your call-waiting queue
  • Show wallboards in your browser and the mobile app
  • Schedule reports and charts directly to your inbox
  • Monitor two to ten-thousand users

Add iBoosh call management and analytics service to your Horizon communications solution and you’ll benefit massively from greater insight into your call operations and manage your resources and usage more efficiently too.

Track calls and measure performance, even if your staff are working at home.

iBoosh call logging and analysis software is entirely cloud-based, helping leaders to understand where their business is at, no matter where they are, no matter where their staff are, and no matter what time it is.

With analytics like these, you’ll grasp call journeys better, optimise strategic planning and make more valuable decisions that ultimately lead to more revenue.

Sounds pretty good when you put it like that.

And that’s because, well, it is.

iBoosh doesn’t just allow you to track your call data either, but to analyse it too. With customisable reports that you can view in the app or receive directly in your inbox, you’ll quickly identify which areas of your business need improvement.

Do you know what the value of a lost call is to your business?

Do you know how many of your outbound calls are being converted into sales?

Do you know when your peak times are and whether your staff numbers are perfectly reflecting needs right now?

With iBoosh, you will, which means you can optimise your strategic planning to account for each of these things, and intuitively make your business communicate with the world better.

(And make more money as a result, of course!)

What do you reckon? Want to trial iBoosh for free?

Because if you’ve already got Horizon through Boosh 365, we’d be more than happy to upgrade you to iBoosh for 30 days. No charge, no strings attached!

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Just see how much of a difference iBoosh could make to your business and then let us know what you think.

If you’d like to talk about getting started with iBoosh and taking your business to another level, just give us a call on 01252 916888 or send a message to [email protected]

John Baker

John Baker

John has been a key part of the Boosh 365 Senior Team since joining as a Director and co-owner in 2019. With over 20 years spent working in telecoms, John brings a wealth of experience (and a whole lot of geekery) to our already amazing team.
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