Broadband Quick Fixes

I Hate The Internet! How to rapidly diagnose and fix your Internet connection issues, all without throwing your computer out of the window.   No doubt you’ve seen the modernised version of “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” that has the addition of WiFi? And whilst it might be a bit of a joke (although not for

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MiFID II – Are you ready for it?

Quick one: have you heard of MiFID II?If so, you’ll know that it’s coming into force in January and that if you provide financial services to clients, you need to be up to speed on it so you can be sure that you’re compliant.If you HAVEN’T heard about MIFID II, then you DEFINITELY need to

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Are You Making Your Customers Wait In “On Hold Limbo”?

Thousands of businesses all over the UK are irritating and alienating their customers and prospects with truly awful or non existent hold music… How many times have you called a company where it’s taken ages to battle your way through a confusing and lengthy menu THEN been rudely ‘greeted’ by a member of staff only

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Charity Evening with Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock

 Boosh 365 recently collaborated with local company, Ash Builders to host an evening with the legendary retired English premiership footballer, Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock. The event took place at the Lismoyne Hotel in Fleet, Hampshire, and the sole purpose of the evening being to raise money for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. Rainbow Trust Children’s

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WhatsApp for Business – Tips to help you and your Business

WhatsApp, the social messaging service brought by Facebook for nearly 15bn in 2014, is without a doubt the World’s fastest growing freeware and instant messaging communication app for Smartphones. It uses the internet to make voice calls, one to one video calls, send text messages and images. The list is endless and all for free!

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How to spot a Computer Virus in your Email Inbox and what to do

Nearly everyone with a working computer and an internet connection has some means of sending and receiving emails. However, a small group of individuals use it for unintended purposes such as sending viruses and basically causing havoc amongst people and their businesses.   We’ve recently come across customers working on both Apple and Windows who

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