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WhatsApp for Business – Tips to help you and your Business

WhatsApp, the social messaging service brought by Facebook for nearly 15bn in 2014, is without a doubt the World’s fastest growing freeware and instant messaging communication app for Smartphones. It uses the internet to make voice calls, one to one video calls, send text messages and images. The list is endless and all for free! There are currently an estimated 1.2 billion people regularly using WhatsApp World Wide and it has more than 700 million monthly active users and carries 55 billion messages sent per day. This sort of app has changed the way we communicate and for Businesses it
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How to spot a Computer Virus in your Email Inbox and what to do

Nearly everyone with a working computer and an internet connection has some means of sending and receiving emails. However, a small group of individuals use it for unintended purposes such as sending viruses and basically causing havoc amongst people and their businesses.   We’ve recently come across customers working on both Apple and Windows who have received emails from people claiming to be people they know requesting personal information, or sending through an attached document like a pdf that once opened, would automatically download a virus and install itself somewhere on their system. The impact of this could result in
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How to move offices without losing all your hair and your internet connection

Moving offices?  Here’s our five-step guide to doing it the right way… I’m going to come right out and say it: an office move is up there as one of the most potentially stressful events there is. In fact, if you check out a ‘life events stress scale’, moving is always on there, and while moving house is probably worst, moving office isn’t much different. But it’s not all doom and gloom – office moves can be exciting.  Often it means that you’re moving into bigger premises, which usually means that you’re expanding. But before you can get cracking in your
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6 Steps to reduce Data Usage on your iPhone or Android Smartphone

If you’re not subscribed to an unlimited mobile data contract, or are not in range of a Wi-Fi connection, it can be easy to go over your monthly mobile data allowance and incur huge additional charges. When choosing your Mobile Phone Contract it can sometimes be tricky to work out how much mobile data you need. It’s worth being organised and looking back at recent previous bills to see how much data your Phone has consumed and bear in mind you’ll probably use your new Phone more than your existing one especially if it has extra features. It’s not just
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Business broadband: the 4 key things you need to consider when choosing the broadband that’s right for your business

These days, broadband is a non-negotiable feature of your business. As technology has accelerated, the world has got a lot smaller, and as a result the necessity of having a rock solid broadband connection that your business can rely on has become more and more important. And as the world has got smaller, so has the paper trail of most businesses. Instead of filing cabinets, we have the cloud. Instead of in-trays and fax machines, we have email inboxes and document storage. Instead of a filing cabinet of customer information, we’ve got CRMs. Instead of long hours in conference rooms,
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Boosh 365 Showcase Case Study Video at Vodafone Partner Update Conference

Last Wednesday Mark and Jo were invited to the Vodafone Partner Update Conference in Manchester. They went to find out what was new in the world of Vodafone Business and to see the first viewing of the Case Study that Vodafone filmed with us last month. (You may have seen behind the scenes photos on our Facebook page) This is a huge achievement for Boosh and something which we are extremely proud of. Being one of only four Companies picked out of fourteen Total Comms Partners currently with Vodafone, we are an example of how a small business has grown
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