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13 Key Moments In History That Changed The Way We Communicate

13 Moments In History That Changed How We Communicate

At a time when it feels like you can do anything, any time, with just the click of a button, we take a step back and ask how on earth the world got to where it is now. Where did it all start? Where’s it heading? And how can you harness its power to help your business communicate better?
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Introducing iBoosh: Call Management Software From Boosh 365

There are so many benefits to having more staff working from home these days that we barely even need to mention them, do we? Fewer overheads, less absenteeism and increased profits are just the tip of the iceberg. For the last few years, remote working’s been on the rise anyway. Throw a pandemic into the mix and it’s most definitely something that all business owners have given more airtime to.
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Prepare your business for another pandemic with a thorough Voice Disaster Recovery Plan!

One thing that Coronavirus threw up for the majority of business owners across the world was the need for a disaster recovery plan (let’s just call it a DRP, shall we?). If you already had a DRP in place before the virus hit, you knew your data would be backed up safely or that a failed piece of hardware wouldn’t throw too much of a spanner in the works. But how prepared were you for everyone missing from the office? You know, the place where the phones ring?
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How well do you know your iPhone?

Are you an iPhone user? Ever found certain things about your iPhone annoying? Well I did too so I went
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VoIP – What and Why?

If you know me, you’ll know I’m not a ‘geek’ or especially techy but in this industry it’s easy to
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MiFID II – Are you ready for it?

Have you heard of MiFID II? If so, you’ll know that it’s coming into force in January and that if
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Are You Making Your Customers Wait In “On Hold Limbo”?

Thousands of businesses all over the UK are irritating and alienating their customers and prospects with truly awful or non
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What does the BT Openreach separation mean for you?

Last week it was announced that BT has bowed to demands by the telecoms regulator Ofcom to legally separate Openreach,
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Paving the way to 5G

Wireless communication technology inside our beloved smart phones and other mobile devices have evolved over several decades. You can even
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Saving Money with Technology

Who doesn’t like saving a few pounds here and there? It makes sense to save money wherever we can, right?
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