Best Anti-Virus Software App for your Mobile

  Don’t fall victim to the increasing amounts of Android Malware. The idea of installing antivirus software on your phone might seem like overkill and a little over the top, but there are plenty of good reasons to consider doing this. Anyone can submit apps to Google Play without preapproval, and apps can also be

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WhatsApp for Business – Tips to help you and your Business

WhatsApp, the social messaging service brought by Facebook for nearly 15bn in 2014, is without a doubt the World’s fastest growing freeware and instant messaging communication app for Smartphones. It uses the internet to make voice calls, one to one video calls, send text messages and images. The list is endless and all for free!

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How to spot a Computer Virus in your Email Inbox and what to do

Nearly everyone with a working computer and an internet connection has some means of sending and receiving emails. However, a small group of individuals use it for unintended purposes such as sending viruses and basically causing havoc amongst people and their businesses.   We’ve recently come across customers working on both Apple and Windows who

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Saving Money with Technology

Who doesn’t like saving a few pounds here and there? It makes sense to save money wherever we can, right? One of the biggest expenses is electricity – the very stuff that powers the laptops, TVs and other gadgets we adore. Lucky for you, I’ve been doing some research and have found some top tips

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AR vs VR if Tim Cook says it…

Which do you love more, AR or VR? I know you may be thinking “what on earth are you talking about?” so let me break it down for you… Virtual Reality – VR – uses technology to create a simulated environment. It places the user inside an experience where they are immersed and able to

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Worried Parents Rejoice- Safe Networking for Children

Over the last decade, social networking has exploded. And with it has come a lot of good. But, if we’re being realistic, there are a number of downsides too, not least the security risk for our children. Let’s face it, when you’re meeting strangers on the internet, you don’t really know who you’re talking to, and if you’ve

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We’re all digitally obsessed!

With the weekend fast approaching I’m sure lots of us will be looking forward to spending some time away from our PC’s but how much time do we actually spend away from technology these days? Especially as it is always evolving. It’s got to the point now where you won’t find one person who doesn’t

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