iBoosh Call Analytics

Call logging and analysis software that’s guaranteed to help you understand call journeys better, optimise your strategic planning, make valuable decisions and increase revenue.

Helping YOU Communicate Better

If you aren’t analysing call data, how will you know where your business is losing revenue in missed opportunities? With iBoosh, you’ll identify the areas that need improvement, which you can then communicate to your customer service teams. And when they’re armed with that information, they’ll be able to communicate better with the rest of the world too!

What is iBoosh?

Quite simply, it’s a cloud-based call management and analytics service which you can add into your business’s Horizon communications solution. Quick and easy to set up, iBoosh reports on the call activities of 2 to 10,000 users and works anywhere, and any time.

What Can You Use iBoosh For?

Not only can you use iBoosh to measure call traffic and gauge the potential revenue in your call-waiting queue, but you can even use it to pinpoint unreturned calls and view customisable call reports directly in your inbox and in the app. What’s more, you can enjoy real-time call analytics for better insights, to help you manage your telephone resources more efficiently.

How Will iBoosh Change Your Business For The Better?

If you aren’t tracking traffic and analysing call data, how will you know where your business is missing opportunities and losing revenue? Track your abandoned calls to identify how many sales enquiries you’re missing. Learn more about your peak times and better plan your resources to maximise the revenue you take.

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