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Most businesses can’t run without broadband. With more and more services becoming cloud based and using VoIP phone systems, it is safe to say your business would not survive without it. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been more relevant. Business broadband will offer better levels of support, better quality connections and a wider range of download limits.

You will need a new line installed if you are moving office or if there are no free lines available at your premise. Another reason you may need a new line installed is if you are considering a VoIP telephone system but your business number sits on the broadband. In this case you would need to install a new line to allow you to continue using your business phone number as broadbands sit on analogue lines.

BT Openreach still own most of the telephone infrastructure in the UK. This means even if you are getting broadband from a different provider, BT will need to be involved.

A microfilter is a little white box that you will use to filter the connection between your phone line and broadband. This is used to reduce the noise on the broadband line to ensure a more secure and stable internet connection.

ADSL broadband is standard broadband that works on the copper line network.

Fibre is a much faster broadband connection than an ADSL connection. This is connection uses fibre optic cables as opposed to the traditional copper lines available.

There are two types of fibre connections. FTTC, better known as Fibre to the Cabinet is where the fibre optic cables run from the telephone exchange to street cabinets, but the connection from the street cabinets is the copper lines used by ADSL. FTTC is a much faster connection than standard ADSL, however the true speed does depend on your distance to your local exchange/ cabinet.

FTTP or Fibre to the Premise is an end to end fibre connection. This means that the fibre optic cables will run from the telephone exchange right up to the building. This connection does not rely on the copper network at all and will generally provide a much faster connection.

Your download speed refers to the speed at which you can open web pages, listen to music or watch video content from the internet. If you have a high download speed you will have a much faster internet connection. Because businesses are so reliant on broadband, we really recommend that you take note of the download speeds available to you. It is also worth noting when supplies say you can get speeds ‘up to’ X, these speeds are not guaranteed.

It is unlikely that you will actually get the ‘up to speed’ advertised by many broadband providers. This is because there are so many factors to consider. Your distance from the telephone exchange, number of people also using the same provider in your area and the number of users connected. This is where fibre connections or better still a leased line can offer the most reliable connection.

Yes. If your business uses lots of cloud based services or you send large documents over the internet then you will need to consider whether there are any limits imposed on your broadband. Here at Boosh 365 we will analyse your usage and make sure you have the correct product for your needs. Although some broadbands say that they are unlimited they will often have a fair usage policy attached.

No, all broadband connections need to sit on an analogue line. So you will always need to pay for line rental.

Quite often, when a provider advertises a package with ‘unlimited downloads’, it’s actually subject to a fair usage policy. That means that, if your internet usage is deemed excessive, you could be asked to limit your browsing. If you continue to exceed the fair usage limit you could find that your provider slows your connection during peak times, or even terminates it. For most people, this limit will be so high that it won’t be an issue, but some particularly heavy users could find this an issue.

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