So you want a business mobile?

(in case you’re wondering, that headline is sung to the tune of Frozen)

We’re not going to insult your intelligence and explain what mobile phones are. We’ve all got them, and we all use them, and that’s kind of our point: they’ve become a commodity.

Poke around, and you can generally get some pretty sweet deals from most places, and we’re no exception.

With great relationships between us and the three big guys – Vodafone, 02 and EE – we can get you the best rate and tariffs on both contract and SIM only deals, but that’s only half the story.

Get your business mobiles through us and say goodbye to the pain of dealing with the big networks.

As a Boosh 365 mobile customer, you get your account managed for you, meaning that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Got a query with your bill? Leave it with us and we’ll get it resolved.

Want to change something up on your account? Drop us an email or call the office and we’ll sort it.

Your dedicated account manager will be on hand, as an extension to your team to review, analyse and manage your account, dealing directly with the network so you don’t have to.

Why should you go with us rather than going direct?

We understand that some businesses will be tempted to use the networks directly.

And on one level, we understand – it might feel like you’re safer and more secure.

But the truth is a bit different. In reality, your contract will always be with the network, and you’ll have their manpower and their infrastructure at your disposal.

The only choice you have to make is whether you want to deal with a faceless corporation…

Whether you want to sit on hold for hours…

Whether you want to get pinged around multiple departments and have to explain your issue from the top every single time…

If you don’t, then don’t go direct.

Unless you’re a massive business yourself, you simply won’t get the support you could get through us. And we wouldn’t say this unless we knew it was true.

Travelling for business?

If your travel abroad for business, then you’ll know that one of the biggest pains is dealing with using your mobile abroad.

Some companies will sting you with huge data roaming or call charges, so you end up getting home and finding a much bigger bill than you were anticipating.

We make sure that this doesn’t happen for our customers. How? We take care of it. All you need to do is call in or send us an email telling us where you’re going and when, and we’ll do the rest, ensuring you have the most cost-effective solution that meets your needs.

And it’s a pretty popular service – Clipper Ventures, Surrey Satellite Technology and Pizza Express all rely on us to ensure their travels are seamless and cost effective.

What does it cost you?

NOTHING – We don’t add on any additional charges to our customers. The networks actually encourage customers to use partners like us because we deal with customers far better than they can, making their customer retention rates much better.

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