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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol- or basically a phone service over the internet.

Yes, to use VoIP you need an internet connection.

It’s up to you, however we would strongly recommend that you use Boosh 365. The reason for this is that we would have better control over your system. If you had a problem with your phone system we would be able to quickly identify whether it was a broadband issue or an issue with your telephone system and resolve this quickly.

It depends on the quality of your broadband connection and the number of users you have. However, we would recommend that you use a dedicated or ‘assured’ data connection for voice. This will ensure that normal internet usage does not affect the quality of your calls.

In most cases yes, as long as your broadband doesn’t sit on the same number. If it does, then you will need to install a new line for your broadband so that you can keep your number.

Yes, you can pick from a variety of different UK area codes, UK non-geographic numbers and international numbers.

Yes! One of the great benefits of using a VoIP system is that you can choose various geographic numbers. This means that you can be based in Fleet, but use a London number.

No, when you use our VoIP system we would need to provide you with specially configured handsets. We can often provide these for free depending on the contract you sign up to and whether you purchase any broadband from us. The costs however are significantly lower than traditional phone system equipment costs with our handsets ranging from £99-£140.

This would depend on the number of users you would like to add and the set up at your office. For smaller businesses, this can be a short lead time, we would do most of the work offsite and pre-configure your phones for you. These can be sent out in the post and will be ‘plug and play’. For larger customers, we would recommend having a discovery call, site survey and then you would be able to choose for us to install the phones or whether you would like to do a self-install.

VoIP phone systems are the easiest phone systems to move. As long as your new office has a broadband connection (best to speak to us for advice before you arrange this elsewhere) and cabling it can be as simple as packing your phones up and moving them to your new office. The other great benefit of a VoIP system is that you will have no down time in terms of calls coming into your office. You simply need to let us know and we can set up a divert so your business doesn’t miss any calls. We can set up diverts to mobiles or other landline numbers.

Providing you have a stable broadband connection, call quality can often be better than an analogue connection.

There are a wide range of features available when using VoIP. If this is of interest to you the best thing would be to give the team here at Boosh 365 a call on 01252 916888 and we can run through them with you. But here is a small list to give you an idea:

  • Music on Hold – we can provide basic music for you to use, you can provide your own or alternatively we can put you in touch with a professional company who can record specific messages for you. This would give you the opportunity to promote specific products or give information to your customers whilst they are waiting on hold.
  • Inbound Numbers – we can provide a range of numbers which act as ‘tracking numbers’. These numbers will allow you to control where your calls go and also keep a close eye on which advertising/ marketing is working. When your phone rings in the office it will display which number was dialled. For example if it was a call coming through from your website or a leaflet you have sent out it would show ‘website’ & the number calling.
  • Auto Attendant – this will allow the caller to choose the department they want to speak to by pressing a number for example: for sales press 1, for accounts press 2 etc.
  • Voicemails and Voicemail to email – Every user will have their own mailbox and can set the system up to send an email with the voicemail. You can also set up voicemails on hunt groups so if there are a number of users who answer, a group voicemail can be set up.
  • Reporting – the online portal for our VoIP system allows users to log in and keep track of call stats. You can monitor the number of calls received, made and missed by user or as a whole. This is especially useful if you have a sales team and would like to keep track of their activity/ set targets.
  • Receptionist Console – this is a feature that can be activated on your licenses. If you have a receptionist they would then have the functionality to monitor incoming calls, adjust priority of callers within queues, add notes to contacts to show related information such as leave and establish and establish and manage conference calls in the site or across sites.
  • Integrator – this allows a user to control their VoIP service from their desktop without having to log in to their portal or navigate through phone menus. In addition, the software integrates with a user’s Outlook program making contacts easily accessible and dial-able from Outlook and the desktop. Telephony presence (with Click to Dial) is also provided. For those businesses who use Skype for Business they will enjoy the benefit provided by the integration of the user’s phone status with a user’s Skype for Business status (on a call or DND).
  • Softphone – This desktop client allows user to make and receive calls from their PC (using an appropriate headset), as well as quickly accessing key settings for their phone system. This is an ideal bolt-on for users who often work remotely; work from different locations where it is not practical to install a handset or who are regularly on the move with access to Wi-Fi (e.g. hotel stays).
  • Live Data Feeds – Our phone system integrates with Akixi, a call management reporting service. This is great in a sales environment and allows you to monitor calls received, made and missed in a live format up on screen.

We take payment by Direct Debit as we charge customers monthly on a per licence basis. This means that you will only be charged based on the number of users you need. We have a range of packages available ranging from our cheapest pence per minute option where you would pay for each call to an all-inclusive landline and mobile call package.

Our VoIP system is perfect for growing businesses as it is easily scalable. You can add users immediately by purchasing new licences from us. We would then send out a new handset and your user would be up and running. The functionality of the phone system sits in the cloud on your online portal which means there aren’t huge costs involved in programming traditional phone systems that typically sit in the office.

Our VoIP systems are easy to use, but we also provide a fully managed service as part of your license costs. This means that we will do a discovery call with you to find out exactly how you want your phone system set up. We will then do all the work behind the scenes and give you and your team training on how to use the phone system. Once it is up and running should you require any changes simply give us a call and we will make the changes for you. This will take away any stress from you and save you a lot of time dealing with things you don’t need to.

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