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As the saying goes, “it’s good to talk”, and it certainly is with our phone systems and VoIP offering.

Whether you’re a small or large business your phone system is going to be integral to your success.

And as technology moves on, so must you, if you want your business to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

For most businesses, the traditional phone line no longer cuts the mustard.

Why? Technology has a better option for us: VoIP.

Voice over Internet Protocol works by hosting your calls in the cloud to a secure and dedicated data centre; not a physical system or server in your office.

The result for you?

You can manage all your calls, your whole phone system and what it does from anywhere in the world.

Your phone system will no longer rely on a physical analogue line which means you can make multiple calls at the same time and avoid engaged tones and missed calls.

And those aren’t the only benefits. Using a VoIP phone system also results in:

  • Lower call costs
  • Flexible working
  • Business continuity for multiple sites
  • Scalability.

Some of our most popular VoIP features are:

  • Multiple hunt groups – these allow your business to have multiple numbers for either internal or external use and will allow you to distribute and allocate calls across your team.
  • Auto-attendant – allows you to provide callers with menu options for call routing.
  • Call recording – to be used for audit trails, compliance or training purposes.
  • Music on Hold – play music or messages whilst people are on hold. A great opportunity to market and advertise.
  • Geographic numbers – present & advertise any number allowing your business to have a local presence anywhere in the country.

Do you need a phone system that expands with your ambition?

Traditional phone systems can work brilliantly. However, they tend to have some major limitations in terms of scalability.

If you’re a growing business, the cost and time involved in adding users to your phone system can be huge.

When using a VoIP system adding users is easy and very cost effective.

There is very little cost (sometimes none) involved as the main infrastructure of the system is built in the cloud meaning you only need to add individual handsets. It really is as simple as “plug and play”.

* If you want your phone system to link with your mobile phones then we’ve got the perfect solution for you – Vodafone One Net

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