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Vodafone’s very own VoIP Platform provided to you by one of Vodafone’s few Unified Communication Partners in the UK. You get the benefit of the big powerful network and the personal service of our brilliant award winning Customer Support team!

What is Vodafone One Net?

Vodafone One Net is a secure cloud-based phone system that connects your landline and mobile communications together. This fully integrated service is possible because Vodafone is the first – and only – network in the UK to own fixed and mobile infrastructure. Some of the key benefits of this service are:
  • A seamless communication between landlines and mobiles as all devices are connected on a single platform
  • One customer facing number from landlines & mobiles
  • A fully integrated system to make or take calls & exchange documents
  • A mobile App for managing calls & retrieving voicemails from any device in or out of the office
  • Remote working from anywhere (EU Roaming is now included in your tariff but you will also benefit from Vodafone EuroTraveller and World Traveller ... UK data and call allowances start at just £3 a day)
  • Cloud based solution means free calls on and between sites.
  • Little cloud based investment
  • Stay in control of your costs with one contract/bill for landlines & mobiles
  • Zero maintenance phone system

Why choose Vodafone One Net?

If your business would benefit from a phone system that can integrate your mobiles and landlines then Vodafone One Net would be the ideal solution for you.
If your staff spend a lot of time working from home, out of the office or are out on the road a lot, then their mobile can become an extension of your office phone system. This means that they will be able to display your main office landline number when calling out on their mobiles.
If the phone rings in the office, the phone system allows members of staff who are working away from their desks to answer calls in the same way as if they were sat at their desks.
Calls can be transferred to mobiles at the touch of a button and voicemails left on your desk phone can be picked up easily from mobiles.

True Skype for Business Integration

Vodafone One Net also allows business to have true integration between landline, mobile and Skype for Business (Office 365).
It’s this sort of Unified Communication and Collaboration that’s becoming essential in the UK business marketplace.
The ability to communicate across multiple platforms allows your business to become more flexible and effective.
As an example, if you’ve got employees who travel abroad, the functionality to call using Skype for Business when connected to Wi-Fi allows them to:
  • Save on roaming charges
  • Display main office number when calling out, regardless of the device in use
  • Stay in contact with office and colleagues easily
  • All with less equipment!

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