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Hosted services are a much more flexible and versatile solution than the traditional PBX system. One Net is one of the most versatile Hosted systems out there as it provides true integration between landlines, mobiles and Skype for Business (Office 365). A hosted system such as One Net will allow you to make your own changes to your setup via your web browser, or by contacting the team here at Boosh 365 who can make changes for you (without charge). Often with a traditional phone system there are maintenance contracts or fees, and you will often need an engineer to attend site to physically make changes to your system. This means that it can be very slow, time consuming and expensive to do the simplest of things, for example uploading new messages or adding users.

An added bonus of using a Hosted system like One Net is that the core intelligence is held in the Vodafone network, and therefore you have extra resiliency and disaster proofing.

One Net is hosted in Vodafone’s network, where it utilises the network’s failover services. This means that should you have any issues with data, power cuts or any equipment on site, you can simply call the team here at Boosh, or log in to your Web portal to divert calls. You will be able to transfer all calls from one office site to another, or have mobile calls answered in the office.

If you are using a traditional phone system and you have a problem with on site equipment or with your data and connectivity those calls will fail and your customers won’t be able to contact you. You run the risk that your customers could think you had gone out of business or lose potential customers to your competition.

Yes, and more. Adding features is also really easy when using a hosted system like Vodafone One Net. You will have access to a range of features such as Voicemail to email, music on hold, auto attendant etc.

Not all hosted telephony services insist on their own data connection, however Vodafone do for their One Net system. This is because if it is a line that we have installed, we are able to monitor the connectivity as well as the phone system to ensure consistency and quality. If you were to use Vodafone One Net on a data connection that carries other traffic (e.g. data), the quality of the call would be compromised. Using another third-party provider’s data line increases the complexity of the solution and increases problem resolution times.

You will have the full support of our team here at Boosh 365. This means you’ll only ever need to call one number if you need technical help. We deal with Vodafone for you to ensure that any issues are raised and dealt with quickly. Vodafone monitor their DSL lines 24/7 so there is always a team on hand to deal with problems behind the scenes.

No, once your contract is up you will be free to move to a different system. You will be able to port your number over to your new provider.

Using a hosted system makes office moves much easier. All we need to do is install a new data connection for you at the new site. You will be able to keep your office phone numbers or add new ones. We will work with you to plan your office move to ensure a smooth process and we will move the phones to your new site where appropriate. Within the Vodafone App Server we can point the old (or new) numbers to the new site, and you will be up and running. Simple, efficient, effective.

Vodafone One Net is the only hosted phone system that truly integrates mobiles, landlines and Skype for Business (office 365). No other provider combines all three; for example, fixed providers can control the phone system but don’t have the mobile network, whereas mobile operators typically won’t have their fixed line services, these are often provided by a third party. The integration of communications provides a seamless management and transfer of calls between fixed and mobile and, uniquely, a single voicemail between them, as well as the ability for receptionists to see if a mobile user is on the phone (‘busy’) – no other service can provide this. You are also using just one supplier – so one bill, and one point of contact.

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